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Quality Policy

The aim of this company is to achieve and maintain a high standard of management in all aspects of our business activities, through the implementation of the quality management system and to continually satisfy the expectations of our customers. In order to achieve the high standard of management in its’ business activities Hager has been certificated to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System requirements and is committed to complying with and exceeding the requirements of the standard.

We will achieve our business goals and objectives through the following principles:

  • Customer Focus - We will deliver products that comply with predetermined requirements, which recognise the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Leadership - We will provide direction for the business by establishing clear objectives that meet our business goals.
  • Involvement of People - We will develop our business through the involvement of our employees, by utilising their knowledge, skills and experience, within the framework of the Hager Values and Investors In People to develop competence and effective communication.
  • Process-based management system - We will operate our business through this structure and will ensure that all our employees are committed to working effectively to achieve the requirements of the quality management system.
  • Management of inter-related processes - We will identify, understand and manage the relationship of our business processes to ensure our business activities are effective and efficient.
  • Factual based decision-making - We will make informed business decisions by the analysis of data attained from suitable metrics.
  • Continuous Improvement - We will commit to enhancing our management system through the proactive identification and implementation of improvement opportunities through the Hager Production System (HPS). HPS is a combination of business improvement tools and industry recognised systems such as; Six Sigma, Kaizen, IIP, Lean Manufacturing and ISO Standards, together designed to deliver customer and business excellence, continuous improvement and employee development.
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships - We will continue to develop effective relationships with our suppliers and continue to work with them to improve their performance.
The Hager Quality Policy shall be reviewed by the Management Team on an annual basis or as required for continuing suitability.