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Detection Solutions

Electricity costs are rising. According to figures released by Eurostat for the end of 2022, when compared to the average price for the EU-27 countries, Ireland’s electricity prices were 45% higher. It’s therefore a good idea to install motion and presence detectors, as they save up to 90% of lighting energy by switching on lights strictly when they are needed. Not only that, but the new devices by Hager will win over your customers with an extremely low standby consumption of just 0.3 W. So that’s two good reasons to invest in a detector!

A range designed to suit all environments

Our detectors allow you to manage and automate lighting in residential and commercial buildings easily and efficiently.

You can choose detectors to suit different environments, with options that include presence and/or motion sensors plus a choice of flush or surface-mounting. With minimal standby consumption from only 0.3 W and energy savings of up to 90%, it’s the right choice.

Defining exactly what you need from your detector is essential in choosing the right model. Just ask yourself 5 quick questions.

  • Where will the detector be used?
  • How will it be installed?
  • What do you want the detector to do?
  • What type of technology should I go for?
  • How is the target area used?

You can easily find the right option to suit your application from the selection guide in our Detection Solutions brochure available to download here . Or download our At a Glance flyer for a quick overview here (PDF, 134 KB).

Reliable Detection
The new motion and presence detectors are equipped with sensitive passive infrared (PIR) technology. They react to differences in temperature and motion and can detect body movements as well as smaller movements. The area of motion detection comprises 10 m in diameter, while the presence detection covers a diameter of 5 m at an installation height of 2.5 m. The recommended installation height is between 2.5 and 3.5m, with 4 m as an absolute maximum height.

Easy to set up
The user can set up and adjust all major lighting parameters via two easily accessible potentiometers:

Potentiometer 1 adjusts the response brightness (between 5 and 1000 lux), allowing the lighting to be optimally adapted to the daylight.

Potentiometer 2 controls the duration of the luminescence (between 5 sec and 60 min).