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Customer Care Policy

Hager group is an independent family company united by common values shared by all of its members throughout the world. We are committed to providing customers with smart solutions they can trust.

To support customers we have a dedicated sales network across geographic regions, a national specification team together with the support of regional technical engineers, dedicated office based technical support and a customer services team.

Hager’s business philosophy is totally focused on providing quality products and we are committed to excel at customer service.

We achieve these aims by establishing partnership relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Our primary aim is to provide customers with the very best level of service that can be expected. Our goal is complete satisfaction and to achieve this we are committed to our customer care policy and we will:

  • Invest time & effort to identify and understand the needs, requirements and concerns of the customer, by asking the right questions, listening and confirming before acting.
  • Deal with customers as partners, creating situations of mutual benefit
  • Have the confidence to challenge the customer if appropriate
  • Develop new ways to meet valid customer requirements and improve quality
  • Follow through on responsible commitments made to the internal and external customers
We always welcome comments on the service we provide through our dedicated customer service team and our sales engineers. Feedback, both positive and negative, allows us to recognise what we do well and where to improve. It also supports us in identifying where we need to focus research and development activities.

We continuously review our service level metrics by asking our customers to provide feedback, we also conduct internal audits and review our business processes. We monitor, control and set improvement targets to continuously improve our levels of customer excellence.

Please access our Customer Feedback Form here.

Your Feedback will be acknowledged verbally or via e-mail. Complaints will be investigated by the relevant department and a response will be made to you with actions & progress made within 3 working days.