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intelligent visualisation & intuitive control

  • Simple to configure thanks to the configurator.
  • Intuitive control via an attractive user interface.
  • Mobile use from any Windows compatible device or iPhone/iPad application.
  • Easy installation, even retrofitting in existing KNX installations.
Thanks to domovea, you can control your home automation in a smart way !

  • Intuitive control

    • domovea provides you with intuitive control of the different devices in your home,
    • everything can be easily controlled from one single point: lights, shutters, heating, air conditioning or alarm system; for each room or the full floor...
    • you can access domovea from your home computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or dedicated touch panel, all with the same look & feel

  • Anytime, anywhere

    • domovea allows you to have a remote control of your home through the internet,
    • You can access to your system from any computer via secured internet portal and from your mobile via domovea application for iPhone, iPad and Android.

  • For life and beyond

    • Manage your energy consumption with the energy dashboard available in domovea
    • Check your energy consumption at any time against previous days, weeks, months and years and control most consuming devices.
    • Visualise the energy consumption room by room, device by device and optimise it to use only what is necessary.

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