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Energy Distribution

Consumer Units

Discover our range of consumer units and small enclosures which are available in functional, stylish and innovative options for any home.


Hager enclosures are available to suit all applications in sizes ranging from the 2 to 54 modules. We also have enclosures rated at IP40 the Vega range, IP55 the Vector II range, and IP65 the Orion Plus range in GRP.

Commercial Distribution

Over the past two years we have focused on changing the nature of sub and final distribution. The result of this are the Invicta 3 Type B Distribution Board and Invicta 3 Panelboard ranges. We also offer a range of SP&SN distribution board, fuse combination switches, switch disconnectors, switch fuses and enclosed MCCB's.

Modular Devices

Simple and effective energy savings can be achieved by setting these devices so that the various loads are only switched on when they are actually needed, thereby saving unnecessary usage of energy. 


Protection Devices