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I.S.10101 Hub

Our Hub is your source of information and guidance through the latest changes to the I.S.10101 Wiring Regulations.

Here you will find the latest news and features on all the changes, how they will affect you and what you can do to prepare.

We are here to support you and be Part of your Team. See some FAQs on the I.S.10101 Regs here
Surge Protection
Products such as computers, printers, flat screen televisions, industrial control equipment such as PLC’s, alarms, microwaves and washing machines are common place. These can all be vulnerable to transient overvoltages, which can significantly reduce the equipment’s lifespan through degradation and damage.
Arc Fault Detection Devices
An Introduction to Arc Fault Detection Devices.
I.S.10101 Bitesize Guide
This guide covers several main topics regarding the upcoming changes with the new I.S.10101 Regulations.
RCD Selection
Choosing the right type of RCD for the application.
RCD's exist in various different forms and react differently depending on the presence of DC components or different frequencies.
BEAMA Guides
A collection of the latest guides relating to I.S.10101. Hager is proud to be a technical contributor to these guides which provide technical advice on a range of I.S.10101 related topics.
We're here to answer your questions on the I.S.10101 Regulations.
Wired for Change
The new standard for the national rules regarding electrical installations came into force in February 2021. They replace the existing Wiring Rules. Our Wired for Change bulletin highlights the key changes electricians need to know about.

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