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Berker by Hager Manufaktur
individual trend

More and more people are following the trend of not following a trend. For these people, there is Berker by Hager Manufaktur. This is where we create switches that are a real blend of hi-tech and handicraft, that are utterly unique. We often design items together with architects and planners for a very particular property or for a special project.

Some have their source in the very special wishes of a property owner who is looking for somethingwhich they can simply not find available on the market. It's a source of pride to us that we can make these wishes a reality. What matters is individuality, so almost every product is one of a kind. And therefore as individual as the environment for which it has been made. Download brochure here.
  • Painting

    The suprising range of professional paint systems with qualified paints, to make our products more individual in color and feel.

  • Anodising

    Not only a variety of colors is our claim, as well the high quality and modernity of products.

  • Materials

    With Berker Manufaktur we provide our switches with individual and special surfaces. Each one unique custom made and in real material.

  • Glass

    The high quality of our design in glass is undisputed.Other colors and styles, as well as a special Manufaktur white, stand in foreground here.

  • Labeling

    Base of each Manufaktur product is always one of our switches. Each product can be printed and labeled individual. Printing monochrome and color printing Lasering in shades of gray.

  • Special solutions

    Upon request, we happy to show you the full range of possibilities of our special processing and provide you a professional solution.

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