Counterfeiting: a plague gaining ground...

The counterfeiting of products is gaining ground throughout the world. In 2002 counterfeiting represented 7% of the worlds trade, this has now risen to 10%. Counterfeiting does not only concern luxury items, but also covers electrical products where peoples safety is endangered!
Counterfeit products do not bring any guarantee of safety or quality for our customers. These products can be dangerous, contain inappropriate materials or be of poor quality. In certain cases only the external appearance is preserved and the vital functions are removed to reduce the costs!

To ensure customers can check the authenticity of our products we have set up a simple and rapid procedure called check.hager.
check.hager is a detection weapon to fight against counterfeiting. Every circuit breaker, switch and earth leakage circuit breaker has a sole identification number recorded by us in our database.

Every customer can access this quick and easy service which is a simple way of establishing the authenticity of products.

Let's fight counterfeiting together!

1. Authentication Process

All of our circuit breakers, switches and earth leakage circuit breakers have been assigned a unique identification number which can be located on the side of the product. The identification number from each product is then stored in a protected data base. If it doesn’t have a number please contact us immediately.

2. Dedicated Website

Our customers can access this database to check the authenticity of a Hager product by going to The website will check the validity of the identification number on the product and confirm if the product is an authentic Hager product or a suspected counterfeit product, this result will be immediate.

3. Action Plan

Check the identification number by going to If check.hager identifies the product as a counterfeit contact Hager on 01952 675612 along with the details of the wholesaler from which the product was purchased. We will then take all the appropriate information and collect the product for analysis. If necessary we will take appropriate legal action.

4. Ethical Charter

As a manufacturer we commit to:
  • Provide our customers with the means to check the authenticity of our products.
  • To communicate the results of any investigations.
Our distributors commit:
  • To make sure that products purchased are not counterfeit products.
  • To inform the manufacturers of any offers of counterfeit products.
  • To support the actions of Manufacturers.