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Quintin Kynaston School

Quintin Kynaston School

Quintan Kynaston is a new community foundation school with cutting edge facilites, to include; classrooms, lecture hall, interactive workshops and laboratories, performing arts studios and multi purpose sports halls. Hager products satisfied all concerns regarding quality, BS regulations, certification, and complied/discriminated fully with an existing main switchboard.

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The contractor, Red Electrics (Antrim), the client and the consultant, were encouraged by Hanover Systems to choose Hager because we were able to meet their exacting requirements regarding standards, quality and regulations. We attended meetings with the contractor, client and consultant where we were able to answer all their concerns regarding the quality and relative BS regulations being met by our range of product, proof of certification right down to the thickness of metal used to manufacture our enclosures for invicta upstream and downstream MCCB boards and standard JK invicta. Hanover Systems and Hager together, came up with a solution including a full discrimination report to the client via the contractor that showed our mid range devices would comply/discriminate fully with each other and comply with the upstream devices, and more importantly, with the previously existing main switchboard, which would remain in place. Hager products used in this project were; JK invicta boards with kwh metering and surge protection throughout, RCBOs, type A invicta boards with single pole metering, and orion plus enclosures.