Invicta 3 Panelboards

The last few years have seen a major change in the design and installation of commercial electrical distribution systems. The panelboard is at the heart of such a system, whether acting as the main incoming board or as part of the sub distribution. Modern electrical distribution systems have more RCD protection, more metering and more control devices. Panelboards have to offer a flexible solution to help meet these needs.
The invicta 3 panelboard range includes 250A, 400A, 630A & 800A panelboards with MCCB incomers. Prewired meter packs allow installers to fit metering into the board. All the internal wiring is included. Installation is fast and simple, thanks to a number of features. There is generous space where it is needed for cable bending radii at the top, bottom and sides of the board and twin and earth neutral bars allow easy identification of earth and neutral conductors with the corresponding line conductors.