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St. James's Hospital

St. James's Hospital

A new six floor extension to St. James's Hospital, Mercer Institute for Successful Ageing, was completed by Electrical Contractor, Cosgrove Electrical, using Hager's klik lighting control solution.

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Opening in 2016, MISA is one of the leading European Centres for successful ageing. MISA delivers a holistic approach with prevention, clinical care, research and teaching, housed in one central facility. The building includes research facilities, consultation spaces, meeting spaces, catering facilities, day areas, roof terrace spaces, a courtyard and naturally lit foyer, conference rooms and 76 en suite bedrooms with further ward spaces to accommodate a total of 100 beds. The Electrical Contractor used Hager's klik and klik.system because of labour saving and positive experience of using the product in previous projects.Hager engaged with the contractor at the beginning of the project and identified a lighting control solution for this building, using klik 4 and 7 pin boxes. The installation speed of klik provides significant savings with on-site wiring and on-going maintenance costs.

St. James’s Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Ireland, caring for over 300,000 patients each year. St James’s Hospital’s fundamental purpose is the delivery of health treatment, care and diagnosis as well as health promotion and preventative services. The hospital aspires to meet the highest possible standards and levels of efficiency, effectiveness and quality in all it's endeavours.

St. James’s Hospital is the largest teaching hospital in Ireland and is the major teaching partner of Trinity College Dublin. Students are very much part of St. James’s Hospital and their education and training represents a commitment to a shared future for healthcare in Ireland.

Construction of Mercer Institute for Successful Ageing, in 2016, provides world leading facilities for the integrative care to facilitate successful ageing in Ireland.