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Ravenhill Stadium

Ravenhill Stadium

Ravenhill Stadium is home of Ireland and Ulster rugby. This was a comprehensive refurbishment project using TPN invicta, metered boards, panel boards and klik sensors.

With excellence written all over the Ravenhill redevelopment plan, the project was defined by the number of quality contractors involved in the work. It was to the experienced specialist, Hager, that M&E contractor, Harvey Group, turned to for its electrical control systems and other related products.

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Hager supplied its top quality range of Invicta sub distribution MCB boards, upstream MCCB boards and devices, as well as various presence detectors and plug-in ceiling roses, pre-fitted with the required length of flex, supplied in both three and four pin versions, as required, using Hager’s Klik connection system. There were hundreds of Klik systems installed throughout the stadium. With a comprehensive product range of over 30 different types of Klik, there was a Klik product to suit each lighting area. Also included were the IP65 rated detectors, which, with their very long detection range, were the ideal specification for outdoor areas.

“Our extensive product range lent itself very well to what Harvey Group wanted and the products specified had been tried and tested by the group many times over”, explained Mervyn Knox, Area Sales Manager, Northern Ireland. “Harvey Group knew these products could be relied on to work well and not cause any issues further down the line. Having worked with Hager previously, they knew that they could rely on us to put the project requirements together at very short notice and provide a fast delivery”.

It was a challenging project, due to limited time scale and multiple adjustments as the work progressed. One of Hager’s local Panel Builder partners, Hanover Systems, provided the solutions for these boards. The distribution boards were all fitted with kwh meters and featured lockable transparent doors, which would allow staff a visual indication of the status of individual circuits without needing to open the boards. This means that any issues can be quickly seen and reported to maintenance within the stadium. Many of these distribution boards were used in public and corporate areas and so along with meeting the relevant electrical standards, they needed to look aesthetically pleasing.

Quality, reliability and ease of installation are at the core of Hager’s business, who have a well established R&D team and global resources to meet the needs of both the Irish and U.K. markets.

Hager developed Invicta boards as a solution for modern commercial installations. The nature of electrical sub and final distribution for commercial installations has changed over the last few years. Typically, there are more outgoing ways, more RCBOs and/or RCD protection, more metering and more control devices. Hager’s range of Invicta type B boards makes it easier to design and install electrical distribution systems that meet the needs of today and the future.

Wiring regulations mean that commercial installations need more design and planning for the final circuit configuration. In most cases more of the final circuits will need RCD protection. Many of these installations will contain equipment that is likely to have a small earth leakage - multiple PCs and printers, for instance. This may mean that you need to install more circuits for socket outlets and protect each with individual RCBOs.

As a nation, we are more aware of energy consumption. Most if not all commercial properties now demand a metering strategy at the design stage, so that building end users can monitor where energy is being used. In addition, DIN rail mounted control devices such as time switches , lighting dimmers and twilight switches are becoming increasingly popular. On a more complex level, many building automation systems also operate by controlling the final circuits. Our range of Invicta type B boards meet these needs.