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tebis KNX
home automation

  • Enjoy the best lighting level without having to think about it.
  • Do not have to stand up to get your shutters closed.
  • Never mind about forgetting to turn a lamp off.
  • Choose the atmosphere to make the moments even more beautiful...

… manage your comfort with your fingertips, or let tebis KNX do it for you.

  • Control your installation at your fingertips: With domovea, everything in the installation can be managed from one single point.
    Available on computer, tablet or smartphone, this intuitive interface provides easy control of any device. You can control central applications like roller shutters or lighting for each room, each floor or for the entire building.

    • Visualise your energy consumption: each device connected to the KNX system is constantly monitored, that allows you to display the consumption overview.
    • Optimise your consumption: by using energy only when requested.
    • Centralise the functions: you can do several actions at the same time just by touching one single button.

    • Group the building automation commands and alarm together on a single device
    • Providing remote access to building automation via domovea server

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