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REACH Declaration

The REACH regulation entered into force on 1st June 2007. Regarding human health and environment the target is to manufacture and to use only safe substances inside the EU.

All substances and preparations manufactured or imported for more than 1 ton/year will have to be tested and analysed for risk.

The Hager Group designs, manufactures and sells electro technical products. In normal applications these products will not intentionally release any substances.

Our production units do not manufacture or import substances concerned by REACH.

Considering the terms of the regulation Hager manufactures “articles” and is “downstream-user”.

Hager hasn't to register substances and hasn't to establish safety data sheets. We will check that our suppliers will comply to REACH requirements for all materials and substances we use.

Hager was always committed to supply his customers with environmental friendly products. Hager will also comply to REACH regulation.

For the “SVHC candidate list” and as requested by article 33 of the regulation, Hager will provide customers with information about the chemicals of “very high concern” used in our products. First analysis results shows that we do not use such substances.