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Sustainable Growth & Ethics

Values and Politics

2.1 Sourcing Policy

The Hager Group sourcing policy strives for the excellence that our customers around the world expect, by working with partners who strictly respect the standards of social responsibility.

The Hager Group expects the highest levels of performance from its suppliers with regards to costs, quality, delivery times, innovation and sustainability.
The Hager Group provides support to its partners by helping optimising performance at every stage of the value chain.

To achieve this, the Hager Group sourcing policy is supported by:
Sourcing organisation in direct relation with its suppliers at two operational levels (Global I Local).
Clear and transparent procedures.

The Hager Group has developed worldwide sourcing processes based on procedures, ensuring consistency, transparency and durability in our partnerships with suppliers.

2.2 Sustainable Growth & Ethics

In all the regions of the world, the Hager Group commits to respect fundamentals of ethic principles, in regards to environment, human rights and labour standards.


  • Support of a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.
  • Encourage and implement environmental responsibility initiatives by using only recyclable material and non polluting manufacturing processes.
Human rights

  • Respect the protection of the freedom of internationally proclaimed human rights.
  • Ensure no complicity in human right abuses.
  • No discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.
Labour standards

  • Respect the freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • Effective abolition of child labor.
Suppliers are encouraged to join in the UN (United Nations) Global Compact. Global Compact is a voluntary international corporate citizenship network initiated to support the participation of both the private sector and other social actors to advance responsible corporate citizenship and universal social and environmental principles to meet the challenges of globalization.

The Hager Group wishes to deal with suppliers whose values respect all these principles. It is not only the responsibility of the Hager Group suppliers to comply with these fundamentals, but also Hager Group Sourcing's responsibility to avoid or cancel its business with any supplier who will not respect who no longer respects -these fundamentals, as soon as the Hager Group becomes aware of it.

In respect to these values, the Hager Group's suppliers shall approve and sign our Sustainable Growth and Ethical Trading Policy (ref. "HG Sourcing 000"). This policy is available on the Hager Group Sourcing Intranet, rubric "HG Sourcing Documents, Tools, Templates". All the signed documents are stored in Saverne's Sourcing Department.