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Klik is the lighting connection system for all your lighting designs.

Established in the UK in the 1980s with its innovative 4 Pin plug & socket, installers have come to know and love Klik for its speed & ease of installation. Through Klik 4 & Klik 7, the range has continued to evolve to meet the changing needs of modern lighting connection systems.

But the ethos has stayed the same... Just Klik and forget.

From start to finish

With its pre-wired plugs, Klik saves time on site, eliminates the chance of poor connections and allows for the system to adapt as needs change. Simultaneous mechanical & electrical connection provides installers with complete confidence in the system

01 Design

Utilising the benefits of pre-fabricated wiring systems with a flexible design, Klik can adapt to meet any requirements.

Its pluggable system ensures no complications will arise with future refurbishments as lights can be relocated quickly and easily.

02 Install

The Klik connector system brings plug-in convenience and versatility to lighting with absolute safety.

The unique design prevents any unwanted disconnections due to load on cables or vibrations.

03 Use

With a range of settings for daylight linked dimming, occupancy sensing and DALI control, there’s a Klik solution for any scenario.

Klik is a truly fit and forget lighting connection system

04 Adapt

Traditional lighting systems struggle to adapt when a building or office space needs to change.

With Klik, adapting to a new layout is as easy as plugging in a plug.