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Klik 7

Klik 7 Pin provides all the benefits of a lighting connection system including emergency lighting and dimming functionality.

An evolution of the popular Klik range, 7 Pin combines all the features of Kilk 4 Pin, together with connection to standard, digital and emergency luminaires, giving greater control over light levels via occupancy sensors, daylight dimming and DALI control.

Offering a secure lighting and control connection system, Klik 7 Pin provides simultaneous mechanical and electrical connection in one plug action. With its pre-wired plugs saving time on site, eliminating the chance of poor connections and the wireable plugs for bespoke applications and retrofits, the lighting connection system can adapt as needs change.

Klik 7 facilitates a truly scalable approach to lighting control, without compromising speed, security or flexibility of installation.

Klik 4

Klik 4 is a modular plug-in marshalling solution for lighting systems that provides simultaneous mechanical and electrical connection in one click-in action. Designed for on-load connection & disconnection, Klik 4 allows individual light fittings to be removed or added without affecting other fittings on the circuit.

3 pin moulded plugs and leads distribute switch live, neutral and earth with 4 pin providing an additional connection, normally a permanent live for emergency lighting.

Pre-wired or self-wired plugs provide a highly adaptable solution for when systems need to be altered. Klik significantly cuts down on installation time by limiting the testing requirements at the commissioning stage.