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What Klik can do for you

Over 75% of existing lighting installations are thought to be out of date and unable to meet current design standards.

The Klik 7 Pin range combines all the features of Klik 4 Pin while providing an energy efficient system that meets current design requirements.Additionally, Klik can take into account the usage and function of a space, responding to daylight levels as well as occupancy and footfall

Safe Onload Connection

Luminaires can be connected in seconds in absolute safety, without circuit isolation, as all live contacts are inaccessible and the earth connection is made before any other.

Electro Mechanical Connection

All Klik plugs feature a unique plug-in method which achieves a simultaneous mechanical and electrical connection.

Occupancy Sensing

Our range of occupancy sensors can provide presence and absence control of lighting, whilst also including photocells for lux level detection, providing energy savings by switching lights on or off depending on available natural light.

DALI Control

DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) is a two-way communication system that brings digital technology to lighting. Our 7 pin Klik products offer full compatibility with DALI control solutions.

Trimming of Lux Level

DALI based occupancy sensors enable trimming of lux levels at commissioning stage to ensure optimum final lighting levels, providing perfect lighting conditions for the space.

Daylight Link

Klik allows for automatic lighting control which can provide energy savings by not operating when sufficient light levels exist.