Design 50

Design 50 is a flush fitting, easy to install Amendment 3 compliant consumer unit which sits neatly to the wall, with smooth lines and curves, and can be decorated with any RAL colour, an anodised finish or even bespoke artwork. Its attractive looks and customisation options means there will be no issues in meeting the needs of Part M of the Building Regulations whilst fitting seamlessly into any home.

High Integrity

  • Metal split load and configurable enclosures with ability to protect selected circuits with RCBOs and remainder of circuits split across two RCCBs. Single row from 10 to 16 outgoing ways.
  • Enclosures come supplied with a full metal DIN rail and 2 RCCBs and full complement of earth and neutral terminals along with marking labels, busbar, instructions, rear cable protector plate and meter tail clamp.
  • Conforms to BS EN 61439-3 Including Annex ZB (16kA rating).
  • Adjustable depth in wall 72mm-92mm.
  • All boards contain rear, top & bottom cable entry knockouts.
Cat ref.  Description  
VSR614CUSPDDesign 50, 14 Way HI 63A Sw 2*63A 30mA RCCB Type A SPD
VSR610CUSPDDesign 50, 10 Way HI 63A Sw 2*63A 30mA RCCB Type A SPD
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