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Introducing Our Limitless Lighting Control System

Controlling lighting in areas with up to four different control groups is now possible with unlimited profiles due to the introduction of the klik Lighting Control Module (LCM).

Klik LCM offers a flexible and easy plug-and-play solution for applications where multi-channel control is required. Typical applications include classrooms, meeting rooms and individual office spaces. The programming is carried out with an iPad and communicates with the LCM via Bluetooth.

Klik was the original pre-fabricated wiring system introduced to the market more than 30 years ago. In order to correspond with the advancements in lighting it has evolved from a three-pin system in 1984, to today’s range which includes a seven-pin system that enables switching, control (via KNX, DALI, DSI) and emergency lighting requirements.

The four-channel Klik LCM offers auto-dimming control through the KlikLink Occupancy sensors. Where there is an abundance of natural light, the integrated light sensor input is used to dim digital luminaires and, in turn, reduce energy use.
Scenario examples include classrooms where the Klik LCM provides functions such as; presentation dimming and switching; daylight dimming when natural light is sufficient; and absence sensing. Additionally, open office areas can be zoned and controlled by individual switches and occupancy sensors. Lights in corridors can be kept on with the ‘Klik LCM to Klik LCM corridor hold’ function when the room is occupied. Should the room have a partition option, there is also a partition switch function that allows total and separate control of a room when a specific switch is fitted.

The LCM gives the user the ability to dim or switch off rows of luminaires when using equipment such as an interactive whiteboard or projector. The LCM also offers multi-point safety extra low voltage switching, which negates the need for residual current device (RCD) protection where there are switch drops. Programmed using the KlikLink iPad App via Bluetooth, lighting setup couldn’t be easier.

Some applications require a wider range of building control options, so the integration of our Tebis KNX building automation with Klik 7 pin products is a logical step to offer numerous possibilities to control other outputs such as blinds, shutters, heating and energy monitoring.

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