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Churchview, Killiney

Located in the west of Killiney Hill, Dublin, with mature trees and a lovely village setting, Churchview is a scenic site for development. This project involved the construction, by Walls, of 210 residential apartments in three blocks, including separate lower ground floor basement car park levels, amenity space, childcare facility and landscaped public open space.

The fa├žade includes brickwork, stone cladding, rendered block, aluclad windows and in-situ concrete balconies. The apartments are fitted with an exhaust air heat pump for heating, hot water, and a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system.

Hager products used in the project included customised Gamma Consumer Units and Sollysta White Moulded and Decorative (brushed steel) wiring accessories.
Hager Consumer Units come equipped with specified modular devices (customised units are made to order). The Gamma, Vega, Meter Tail Kit, Shower Changeover units are surface mounted, while the Volta unit is flush mounted. Our Consumer Units conform the I.S.10101 regulations and EN 61439-3 standard.

Hager also offer consumer units for an enhanced 16kVA supply. Our Enhanced Vega consumer units are fitted with an 100A rated RCCB device and an insulated busbar which have been upgraded to allow for connection of an enhanced 16kVA supply. The quick connect terminals can accommodate cables of CSA up to 25mm². A full range of accessories are available.
Sollysta White Moulded and Part M range of wiring accessories feature antimicrobial properties, and have both ISO 22196 and ISO 21702 certification recognition which helps to provide added safety and security reassurance for installers, specifiers and end users. The full Sollysta wiring accessories range is available in White Moulded, Part M, Decorative, Grid, IP66, and Metal-clad options.