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Building Automation


Tebis.KNX is your building automation solution.
Ideal for residential and commercial and residential applications, Tebis.KNX allows you to control your lighting, heating and other applications through a singular device so you can take control of your energy usage.
Maximum energy savings can be achieved where the system controls digital lighting and heating. Using daylight linking PIR devices to dim lighting in response to natural light availability has been proven to cut energy consumption by up to 70%.
A range of loads can be controlled and linked to scene setting such as shutters, blinds, lighting and heating which help you to tailor the system to your clients needs.
Tebis KNX is the future of building automation and is here today.


Berker is a range of high quality wiring accessories which will become a part of your home for decades to come. The offer includes timelessly classic switch design to intelligent building management systems.

Communication boards

Energy and lighting control