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Sustainability at Hager Group: E3


What Is E3?

Global Warming, a shortage of natural resources, social cohesion and the transition to renewable energy: there are many challenges facing businesses and society today.

Hager Group is pursuing a variety of initiatives to promote sustainable development with its "E3" approach.

E for Environment

We work continuously to reduce our carbon footprint. Our priorities include optimising the transport of our products and cutting the amount of energy we use in production to further reduce our carbon footprint.

E for Ethics

We need skilled, motivated and healthy employees in order to offer our customers the best services and products. That's why we provide all our team members with a safe, healthy working environment, support their professional growth and offer them opportunities for further development.

We also promote diversity and adherence to an Ethics code throughout the company.

E for Energy

Hager Group helps its customers to save energy intelligently. We also analyse and optimise our products' environmental performance throughout development and production. By providing a detailed environmental profile for most of our products, we can be fully transparent with our customers and ourselves.