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sollysta installation features

First impressions count!
Aesthetics are vital in the decision making process, which is why we have specifically focused on making our latest generation of wiring accessories: sollysta, our best looking yet by paying attention to the smallest of details.

Our sollysta white moulded range has been designed with a curved profile to blend in naturally with house hold furnishings.

Even the rockers have a subtle curved profile with rounded edges, allowing sollysta to grace the walls of any interior design or building project.
Time saving unique neutral loop terminal
We know your time is important, so to cut down on installation time we have integrated a number of features into our sollysta wiring accesories range.

Our unique neutral loop terminal allows electricians to connect to domestic lighting circuits at the wall instead of in the ceiling recess. This enables connections to be more accessible and at a more convenient working height.

More about our unique neutral loop terminal ...
Shallow projection
To maximise cabling space we designed our sollysta range with the shallowest projection possible, enabling an even easier installation.
Unique safety shutter
All sollysta sockets have a unique patented shutter system, meeting a fundamental requirement of the 17th Edition.

About our unique safety shutter ...
Overlapping faceplate
Faceplates overlap back boxes, covering any discrepancy in the plaster or wall finish.
The terminals all face in the same direction for ease of installation and are clearly identified.
Terminal screws
Terminal screws are supplied backed out to save installation time and are captive so they won't be lost.
Wire end stop
sollysta incorporates a positive wire end stop, providing added security of connection and has been independently tested and certified.
Lead ins
Moulded lead-ins help to guide the driver blade to the screw head.