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sollysta design features

Our stylish range of sollysta decorative wiring accessories offer beautiful and elegant
finishes to suit every taste. As with our sollysta white moulded range, sollysta
decorative has been designed to meet exacting aesthetics appeal with its subtle
curved profile and rounded edges.
Three Faceplate Finishes
Decorative’s premium quality faceplates are available in four finishes:
  • Polished steel
  • Black nickel
  • Brushed steel
Plate Options
Decorative offers both flat plate and raised plate options, helping
to perfectly match a room’s decor.
With a choice of white and black insert colours, even greater possibilities are available to the most discerning interior designers and architects, enhancing domestic and commercial installations.
Protective Cover
Each product supplied is fitted with a protective removable film cover. This protects the finish during the installation process.

The brushed steel plate offers a lightly coated finish to further ensure it keeps its good looks.
Metal Rockers
To further enhance decorative’s style, we used metal rocker covers to match the metal faceplate.