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LED Outdoor Lighting

LED floodlights and LED lamps equipped with an IR motion detector allow the automatic control of light when movement is detected in the surveillance zone. They can remain ON for a set period between 5 seconds and 15 minutes if no further motion is detected. Based on our range of enhanced motion detectors and utilising the same features, the LED floodlights and LED lamps provide perfect night supervision for residential and commercial buildings.


EE600 LED Floodlight with PIR 220/360 - White
  • Architectural design
  • LED energy saving technology
  • 220/360° detection up to 12m
  • IP55
  • Settings can be adjusted with the EE806 IR remote control
Cat ref.  Description  
EE600LED Floodlight with PIR 220 / 360° , white


EE806 Remote control for motion det. EE86/87
Cat ref.  Description  
EE806Remote control for IP55 motion detector comfort EE86/87
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