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Klik 4 Pin - 3 and 4 Pin Plugs

3 Pin Plug

P22 3 Pin Plug White
Klik 3 pin plugs are used to connect into a Klik 3 pin socket giving a pluggable connection to luminaires. 
• Complies with BS 6972 and BS 5733
• Suitable for use with any klik 3 or 4 pin socket
• P22 plug is supplied in a plug-in ceiling rose, cat ref. PCR2000
• Plugs have 3 terminations: line, neutral and CPC 
Plugs must not be fitted on the supply side of any installation - they must be connected to the load / fitting / appliance side of the installation.
Cat ref.  Description  
P223 Pin Plug White

4 Pin with Auxiliary Plug

P64AX 4 Pin Plug White
klik 4 pin plugs are used to connect into the klik 4 pin sockets giving a pluggable connection to luminaires.
  • Complies with BS 6972 and BS 5733
  • Suitable for use with any klik.LDS 4 pin sockets
  • Plugs have 4 terminations: line, neutral, CPC and auxiliary
Plugs must not be fitted on the supply side of any installation - they must be connected to the load / fitting / appliance side of the installation.
Cat ref.  Description  
P64AX4 Pin Plug White
P64AX/R4 Pin Plug Red
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