To provide control of low power circuits, max 16A; can be associated with push buttons, switches, time switches etc. for remote control applications. The relays will accept an auxiliary contact for remote signalling applications (ESC080). For the command of ELV circuits use interface relays EN145 and EN146. For the command of high power circuits (20A, 40A & 63A) use contactors.

Relays 1 NC + 1 NO

ERC218 Relay 16A,  1NO+1NC,  230V
Cat ref.  Description  
ERC218Relay 16A, 1NO+1NC, 230V~50Hz

Auxiliary and Accessories

ESC080 Auxiliary contact 6A,  1NO+1NC
  • Can be used with SPN* modular switch range and relays.
Cat ref.  Description  
ESC080Auxiliary contact 6A, 1NO+1NC
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