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KNX - Weather Station

The weather has a direct impact upon our daily lives. Temperatures can vary greatly from day to day, wind and rain can cause a hazard to external apparatus and needs to be kept out of our dwellings.
The tebis weather station allows you to monitor the conditions and instruct your building accordingly. For instance, in high winds you may want to retract a awning and close blinds and if there is a sudden frost you may want to turn your heating on earlier.

Weather Station

TG053A KNX Weather station GPS
  • The station is supplied with sensors for wind, sun, rain and temperature. 
  • 8 relay outputs can be freely programmed. 
Cat ref.  Description  
TG053AWeather station KNX GPS
TXE531KNX GPS Weather station with simulation function
TG353Big support for KNX weather station
TG354Small support for KNX weather station
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