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KNX - Lighting

These products serve as output interfaces for the tebis system. They ensure the control of the electrical devices by taking commands transmitted by the input products.Lighting output products allow control of all types of devices by on/off control or dimming. Without modifying the wiring, it is possible to achieve:
  • Functions such as time delays, priority settings, scene selection or multi-applications.
These products include:
  • Actuators - For the switching of lighting circuits.
  • Dimmers - Universal dimmer with automatic load recognition. Min/Max level local setting. Manual mode that allows dimming even when the bus is disconnected.
  • Sensors - To detect presence/absence as well as ambient light levels.

Presence Detectors

TX510 EIB Presence detector
  • Used for automatic lighting control or heating of the premises based on occupancy and lighting level.
  • Principal applications - Offices, corridors, conference rooms, classrooms, etc. 
Cat ref.  Description  
TX510Presence detector 360° KNX, 2 channels, with BCU

Output Modules for Variable Lighting (Dimmer Control)

TX211A Dimmer 3 outputs 1/10V
  • For lighting loads requiring 1/10V dimming signal.
  • Functions include ON/OFF and variation in lighting/ dimmer control. 
Cat ref.  Description  
TX211ADimmer 3 outputs KNX, 1/10V


TXM646R Heating act. 6 ch,  regul., easy,  24/230V
Cat ref.  Description  
TXM646RHeating actuator 6 channels KNX, with regulation, easy, 24/230V
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