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Saving Energy with tebis.KNX

tebis.KNX technology can achieve true energy savings through building automation. Maximum energy savings are achieved where the system controls digital lighting and heating.

How To Save Energy

  • Configuring the system for both automatic switching of lighting / heating plus predetermined timed settings is simplicity itself.
  • In addition, by using daylight linking PIR devices to dim lighting in response to natural lighting availability, energy savings can be maximised.
  • This alone has been proven to cut lighting energy consumption by up to 70%.

Energy Savings Explained

As a building design changes to match future needs, control systems will need to adapt. tebis.KNX is ultimately flexible so more or different controls can easily be added. Coupled with this, the energy savings available and current regulation pushing towards a greener future make it simple to see the benefits of tebis.KNX.
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