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Wired for Change

The new standard for the national rules regarding electrical installations came into force in February 2021. They replace the old Wiring Rules. With the changes impacting on common areas such as RCD use, distribution boards and protection against transient overvoltages, electrical contractors should take the time to understand what will be required to remain compliant once the new standard – I.S.10101 – becomes mandatory.

Our Wired for Change bulletin highlights the key changes electricians need to know about.
From 1st February 2021, all installations designed after this date must comply with the revised set of regulations set out as I.S.10101.

The new regulations follow a period of industry consultation. They are designed to further enhance safety and clarify issues concerned with the design, erection, and verification of all electrical installations, as well as additions and alterations to existing installations.

Existing applications installed in accordance with previous editions of the Wiring Rules may no longer comply with I.S.10101, but this does not necessarily mean that they are unsafe for continued use or require upgrading.

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