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Hager Group develops the Internet of Things

Perfectly connected to the future: Hager Group develops the Internet of Things in cooperation with AllSeen Alliance

Hager Group will be right at the forefront in the future when devices and systems communicate with each other independently and completely new services are made a reality. As a member of the AllSeen Alliance, Hager Group is working together with a host of global players and innovative start-ups to develop standards for the Internet of Things. “The cooperation of manufacturers is required if billions of devices are to be able to communicate with each other in the future,” says Daniel Hager, CEO of Hager Group. “By joining the AllSeen Alliance, we are now a part of the most promising development consortium for the Internet of Things.”

The AllSeen Alliance is the world’s biggest and most diverse open-source project for the advancement of the Internet of Things. Hager Group joins a roster of over 180 technology partners here, including brands such as LG, Bosch, Haier, Sony, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Sharp. Manufacturers of consumer electronics and household appliances, service providers, retailers, car manufacturers, start-ups, developers and chipset manufacturers have joined forces as part of this alliance, which was founded in 2013 and is managed by The Linux Foundation.

The members of the alliance have joined forces to advance the potential of the Internet of Things. Their most important tool here is the AllJoyn® open-source framework, which is designed to facilitate the process of connecting devices in the office and at home. AllJoyn’s software code is continuously updated by members and the open-source community: the open-source framework provides a common, increasingly sophisticated language that allows entirely different objects and devices to interact with one another completely irrespective of the product’s manufacturer or other commonplace infrastructure considerations.

“The Internet of Things can only make a difference if devices are able to communicate with other devices independent of their underlying proprietary technology or communication protocols,” says Johannes Hauck from Corporate Business Development at Hager Group. “It is down to the manufacturers first and foremost to ensure that devices are able to communicate with each other. As an open, global and neutral research group, the AllSeen Alliance is precisely the consortium that is needed for the next stage of the Internet’s development.” Developers at Hager Group are currently at work on the first applications that will demonstrate the functionality and benefits of the Internet of things in an exemplary fashion.