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Hager wins best domestic electrical installation project of the year award 2015!

Mark Nolan, YESSS Electrical (far left) presents the Domestic Project of the Year Award to (from left) Mervyn Knox, Hager, (from left), Aaron Kearney, AK Electrics, and Paddy Bradley, owner of the winning project.
The cutting-edge home automation system for a unique house in Northern Ireland, featured on Channel 4’s TV programme ‘Grand Designs’, was supplied by Hager.

When Irish architect and farmer, Patrick Bradley came up with a totally original design for his own home that would be like nothing seen before, he was determined to include as many state-of-the-art features as he could. For the lighting and heating systems, his key requirement was the intelligent control of all the functions via his iPad or mobile phone. He presented this challenge to contractor, AK Electrical, who installed a system based on controls from electrical solutions and services provider, Hager.

The Hager system recommended by AK Electrical was the domovea building automation package. Divided into two key elements, domovea consists of a server which connects the KNX bus system onto an IP network, which is then supported by domovea visualisation software that is available across multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android and PC.
It is designed to enable building owners to monitor and control their KNX building automation simply through the intuitive control of different devices from PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet. This ticked all the right boxes as far as Patrick’s desire for automated control was concerned, but it was the additional benefit of speed of installation which secured the deal for AK Electrical. The design of the domovea package enabled AK Electrical to build and pre-programme the central control unit in its own workshop, so that all that was needed on site was to fit the cabinet to the wall and connect the appropriate cables.
The judges commented as follows...
“Hager demonstrated an excellent high specification approach. We were impressed by the unique application of technology in this stunning installation, which reflects the very highest standards for domestic electrical industry progress.”