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Searching for the right product for your application? Find what you have been looking for quicker than ever before with the new search feature. The search box will now suggest and complete your search criteria for you, saving you time.

Project Lists give you the ultimate way to store and organise your projects.

Whether you are looking to create a complex project across multiple phases with hundreds of references, or just a simple list of 5 references, project lists give you privileged access to Hager specification data.

Simply click the 'Add to project' button on any reference and you will be presented with an easy to use wizard to guide you through the necessary steps. So give it a try and see what Project Lists can do for you.

It's simple to create a project list, once you've found the product you are looking for either click the 'Add to project list' button. Or if you already have a list of Hager references you can import them into the Project List area of from a .csv file.

You will be given the option to name your project and sub-project to give you more flexibility, for example you may choose to divide your project by room or area. You are then only a few clicks away from accessing all the Hager technical data you require, whether it's a data sheet, user manual or complete Operations & Maintenance Manual.